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Social CRM or simply SRM ?

As a business platform, SocialNetGate used to always view relationship as "audience". One may be a past, current or future customer or well wisher to the organization, brand or the entity.... and the entity engages with this person. However, we started to realize that is not the case all the time. In fact, most of the times, it is the real people interacting with real people in their lives. We started to feel that the person hiding behind a mask representing organization needs to be balanced with direct communication. On certain cases, this is not possible. For ex, if an organization is reponding to a PR scenario, we just want a "spokesperson" and it doesnt matter who that person is. However, if someone were to request for a Testimonial from a business, it better be coming from an individual.

Long story short, we need to have have a business-individual balance. This aspect is what is leading to the Social CRM discussions happening in the industry right now. There is a number of players out there in the field exclusively concentrating on this aspect. Obviously, for someone like, this comes naturally. But their problem is that they are looking at CRM with a narrow focus - a CRM is to help put together Leads, Cases and do blasts. But in reality, it is quite different. One to one and one to many interactions are happening in many channel. Someone can send a DM to a contact, who may say something thru Facebook message and the reply from the first person could be thru email.

Taking all these into account, we are releasing the "People" feature today. This is on the same line of mission for SocialNetGate - A one stop solution for social media management. In addition to having Presence, Promotional Tools, Engagement and Monitoring, SocialNetGate users now have the ability to bring all their contacts from - be it Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter - to a single dashboard and interact from there.


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